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Continuous Improvement

At Lean Performance Solutions we take a systemic approach to lean thinking and lean methodology. With individualized program that will fit any need in your organization. Lean Performance Solutions has the answers to make your company the lean mean operating machine you intended it to be. Have a look below at our different programs, and give us a call or shoot me an email so we can learn how to help one another. 

What we can do for you. 

Total Operational Transformation

All of our services wrapped up into one package. Over the course of several months our team will work with your organization to eliminate waste, systemically solve problems, plan and so much more. 


Daily Management

We work with you to devlop a custom management system to track metrics that are important to you. Then walk through the DMAIC Process to solve the problems found in our daily management, then use 5S principles to clean it up. 

Strategic Deployment(Hoshin Kanri)

Strategic deployment is a system that aligns your goals in your organization. Then we go a step further and ensure your projects align with that goal to increase success of the organization. 

Reliable Operations (TPM)

Being able to predict down time is key in future planning for your business. We use TPM Methodology to help build your Preventative Maintenance Program for better planning and efficiency. 

Process Improvement (Kaizen Events)

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. We will work through your individual processes to find and eliminate waste from your value stream. Producing an overall increase in productivity. 

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