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Carbon fiber has several characteristic that are ideal for the aerospace industry. It is light weight durable, very strong, and resistant to heat. 

Carbon Fiber offer a unique solution for space exploration; it is incredibly light weight, resistant to heat and strong, making them ideal for long-term space missions. Our Carbon Fiber Rockets provide a reliable and safe way to explore the depths of space, allowing you to explore the unknown with confidence. Click below to tell us how we can help with your next project. 

Space Satellite

Weight reduction is key when flying. The less weight an object the less force needed to get off the ground. The trick is to find the proper weight to strength ratio for your needs. In drone application this is especially true. Carbon fiber is perfect for the rotating mass, as well as the structural and body pieces. Contact us below so we can start making you carbon fiber replacement parts today. 

The Model Aerospace industry is a great way to learn about the Aeronautics and Astronautics industry. From, space frames to fins and wings, and even structural pieces we have the solution to you needs. Click below to contact us about the needs of your next project. 

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